Indigenous Welcome and workshop on Territorial Acknowledgements


September 25, 2020, 8:30 - 10.10 AM

Indigenous Welcome and workshop on Territorial Acknowledgements

A transformative talk about realizing the movement of Black Lives Matter within a shelter. Focusing on how Hogan’s Alley Society has challenged anti-black racism, uncovered the history of a racialized community in Vancouver and innovated to deliver culturally safe programming at Nora Hendrix Place, a 52-unit temporary modular housing development on the Hogan’s Alley Block. Also offering insights into the need to understand and validate the lived experiences of racialized communities in overcoming barriers when accessing housing supports and homelessness services. 

Instructor: Rhiannon Bennett and Andrea Hilder (Hummingbirds Rising Consulting)


Rhiannon Bennett and Andrea Hilder from Hummingbirds Rising help non-Indigenous Canadians develop the skills, compassion and abilities to recognize and change systems and practices so they can play an active and meaningful part in Decolonization. Learning the true history of these lands, place-based understanding and looking at history through an Indigenous lens will allow self-reflection and a deeper understanding of the ongoing trauma and harm from colonization. By the end of our time together, participants will be better able to demonstrate cultural literacy and discover ways to better serve the populations with whom they work. Participants should bring with them an open mind and an open heart to get the most out of what is sure to be an enlightening experience.


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