Building Resiliency in the Workplace: Introduction to Coping with Trauma Exposures

September 25, 2020, 2:20 - 3:40 PM 

In the places we work, we are exposed to potentially traumatizing events that can have an impact on our nervous systems. In this workshop, we will take a look at what leads to the traumatization of workers and where we can intervene on an individual and team level to buffer the impacts of workplace-related trauma exposures.

Goals and Key Takeaways:

- Better understanding of what leads to traumatization of the nervous system in a support worker role.

- Key places to intervene during and following a trauma exposure to prevent traumatization.

- A better understanding of trauma-informed coping strategies, including but not limited, types of strategies, timing and sequence.

Instructors: Kennedy Lewis (Extraordinary Workers)

Kennedy Lewis is a former support worker turned trauma therapist currently practicing in Victoria, BC. I have a private practice where I see individual clients and works with an agency in Victoria that specializes in counselling for families that have experienced domestic violence.

Kennedy developed Extraordinary Workers to help support workers on the front lines who are often overlooked in their roles. Extraordinary Workers has been operating in Victoria for the last year engaging the support work community in group and individual counselling, as well as workshops through specific agencies. Kennedy approaches the topic of resiliency by addressing how the entire workplace functions to mitigate the effects of trauma exposures on staff. Believing that when workers are properly supported to cope with their job demands, they can stay longer in their roles and build the relationships with clients that are often so necessary to healing and stabilization. Kennedy's message to support workers is simple: see the valuable work you do; see that you carry communities on your shoulders; you deserve support, solidarity and access to information that can aid you in your roles. 


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